Novell Authentication Provider

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PLEASE NOTE: Use at your own risk. We only ever used this with DNN Version 4.8.4. We had people tell us they used it in DNN 5 without issue.

Novell Authentication Provider

Novell Authentication Provider for Dotnetnuke allows for Dotnetnuke to authenticate against a Novell LDAP directory system. This is an early relase of the Novell Authentciation Provider and should be considered experimental. We do have one client who is using it in production, however, we strongly encourage you to use this in a test enviroment before using it. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This has only been tested on a Dotnetnuke install using version 4.84. We appreciate any feedback that you can provide.


  • Takes advantage of the new Dotnetnuke authentication providers. 
  • Allows you to authetnicate against Novell.
  •  Authentication settings customizable. 


Novell Authentication Provider for Dotnetnukeis designed for DotNetNuke version 4.8.4


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